Wellness care is the next level of health care provided to patients seeking to maximize their life health potential. Great health is no more simply the absence of disease any more than financial wealth being simply the absence of poverty. Just because we are just over the technical poverty level doesn’t make us financially wealthy. In the same light, just because we aren’t exhibiting signs of disease doesn’t make us really healthy. In order to achieve maximum health we need to eat, move and think in ways that are congruent with our genetic make up. If we are making choices that are purity/sufficient rather than toxic/deficient then we will move our well being towards health and visa versa. It is well know scientifically that 80% of our chronic illnesses are lifestyle related issues. This is actually exciting to understand because it means we have much more control over our own health destiny that what we used to believe. Most of us can avoid chronic illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, site specific cancers, and stroke by making correct health choices as we go along in life.

We help educate our patients on what choices will help them attain a longer better life. Good health, for the most part, is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

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