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Ellen Nesbitt


For Ellen, eating healthy and exercising was a struggle. It was causing her to gain weight and to not feel confident about herself. Ellen knew that the key to becoming the healthy person she wanted to be was changing her eating habits. After completing the ChiroThin Weight Loss program, not only is Ellen almost 20 pounds lighter, she is also more confident and has made taking care of herself a priority. Ellen is grateful for how life-changing ChiroThin was and looks forward to being healthy for years to come—not to mention feeling confident in her wedding dress.

Steven Wright

Automobile Injuries - Neck pain, Back pain,

Steven was in a car accident, but he didn’t experience pain right away. Then, out of nowhere, he began to experience sharp pain everywhere that kept him from doing sports he loved. On a scale of 0 to 10, his pain was a 9. Steven thought he was going to have to live with that pain. Thanks to the care he received, Steven now has no pain at all! He is able to work out and do sports and is looking forward to running a mile for track. Without pain, Steven can follow his dream of becoming a football player. It means a lot to him that this office was RECOMMENDED to him and that the staff does everything they can to help patients improve.