Put Three Generations Of Pain Relief Behind You

When you are in pain or have been injured, choosing a healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. Someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options and treat you as a person, not just a patient. During our 60 years of practice we have helped thousands of patients. Let us help you get out of pain and get on with your life. Dr. Gary E. Harcourt has been in private practice at our current location for over 29 years and during that time has had over 120,000 patient visits. As chiropractors we focus on the musculoskeletal system – injury, whiplash, disc herniation, sports injuries, wellness, prevention and subluxations.

We pride ourselves on our patient service. We offer a knowledgeable staff, safe and proven procedures, and the latest in medical, physiotherapy pain management and chiropractic technology. Car injuries can be very serious. Automobile injuries require immediate and specific evaluation. If you have been involved in a car accident in the York, Adams, Lancaster or Upper MD areas – Please give us a call at 717-843-2542

As a leader in the treatment of neck and back pain, we are unsurpassed at rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and the overall wellness of your body. We want our patients to feel comfortable knowing that from their first visit on, they will be treated with the care and compassion you would expect from a team of professionals who really do care about each and every patients health and well-being. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal!

We are in network with carriers such as Blue Shield, Medicare, Freedom Blue, ChiroHealthUSA, Workers compensation carriers and Independence Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We also accept med pay from State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and many auto insurance carriers. We will accept some attorney liens. We also accept out of state cases that move to York, PA for treatment. Please call with any questions 717-843-2542.

Whether you’re an athlete or a senior citizen, a mother of four or a hard working executive, this clinic can help you enjoy pain relief and overall better health. We have helped hundreds of people recovering from injuries received in auto accidents, workplace pain and injuries, sports-related injuries and the regular stresses of everyday life.

While chiropractors assist many people who have suffered injuries or have been involved in car accidents, chiropractic care is concerned with the patients overall well-being and promotion of good health.

Kevin Appnel

ChiroThin - 24 pound weight loss success in 6 weeks

Kevin started ChiroThin when going to the gym wasn’t enough to lose weight. Kevin plays volleyball team with teammates 10 to 15 years younger than him and extra weight was making it harder for him to keep up. Kevin knew, if he didn’t taken action about his weight soon, his career in volleyball would get cut short and he wasn’t ready for that. Kevin has tried other programs where the weight would come off while he was on the program and as soon as the program was over the weight would come right back. Since Kevin has been on ChiroThin, he has noticed that his legs aren’t as sore, he feels faster on the court, and he feels better both physically and emotionally! ChiroThin has helped Kevin learn how to eat right without feeling like he was starving during the program. Kevin started ChiroThin at 236 pounds and is now 212 pounds, which is a total of 24 pounds lost!

John Dotzel

ChiroThin - 50 pound weight loss in 12 weeks

John was coming in to see Dr. Gary Harcourt for lower back pain when he saw our brochure for our weight loss program, ChiroThin. John was unhappy with his weight at 249 pounds and was not going to be looking at 250 pounds! John had very little energy and noticed that very simple things, like tying his shoes and putting on socks, were becoming difficult for him to do. While doing ChiroThin, John very pleased with how attentive Dr. Gary was, going out of his way to make him feel comfortable. The program taught John how to eat properly, which was an issue before. John did two phases of ChiroThin; in the first round he last 30 pounds and in the second round he lost 20 pounds, which is a total of 50 pounds! He is very happy with this weight loss program and highly recommends it to anyone who wants to lose weight!

Patty Waseman

ChiroThin - Lost 5 pounds

Patty was unhappy with her weight. After menopause, it became difficult to lose the five to ten pounds that she wanted to. After completing the 9-Day ChiroThin Experience, Patty lost 4.8 pounds and 5.2 inches! She even continued to lose weight after completing the program—a total of 9.2 pounds! Patty contributes the program’s success to the fact that it was easy to follow and it made her more conscious about her eating habits.

Kathy Dotzel

ChiroThin - 24 pound weight loss in 12 weeks

Kathy was feeling tired, lazy, and hopeless about losing weight. She was finding that getting in and out of bed was becoming more difficult. She tried Weight Watchers many times. She has tried acupuncture. She even has a collection of diet books. To Kathy, the ChiroThin weight loss program has been a blessing and the easiest thing she has ever done! The program has been very educational—not only did she learn how to eat right, but she has had great support and encouragement from Dr. Gary Harcourt. Kathy says she feels 100% better physically and emotionally about herself. Kathy went from a size 14 to a size 8 and has lost a total of 25 pounds! Kathy would recommend ChiroThin to anyone trying to lose weight!