Neck Pain & Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are the second most common reason patients seek care at our office. Neck pain is just that – a pain in the neck. Pain can be localized to the cervical spine or may radiate down one or both arms (radiculopathy). All age groups are at risk of developing neck pain. People who sit in one location staring at computer screens for long periods of time may be at an increased risk. About 10% of the population has an episode of neck pain each year and occurs slightly more frequently in women than men. Given that 60% of the population have occupations that require sitting it is essential that we make an effort to get up an move to off set the sitting. “Sitting is to the spine what sugar is to the teeth.” Not good. To express health to our greatest potential we need to move. Treatment procedures are geared to reduce pain, restore motion to the spinal joints and surrounding soft tissues. Each and every member of our team wants your experience at Harcourt Chiropractic Office. LLC to be a positive one. Don’t wait to see if “Maybe it will go away”, call today. Call 843-2542

Just for the record, the five most dangerous words when it comes to your health is “Maybe it will go away”.
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Patient Testimonials


Naomi Kennedy

Naomi couldn't move her neck, she had severe headaches, her hips were out of alignment, shoulders very tight, in constant pain for years. She had seen other practitioners with little help. She feels "amazing" now. Now she has movement in her shoulders and neck the way it should be. Other people notice she can now move her neck normally again. She's feeling healthy again and 100% better now. She appreciates the doctor and staff at Harcourt Chiropractic Office in York PA working as a team to help her achieve health.


Tammy Beam

Tammy had terrible tightness in her neck with pain. She had splitting headaches at night and she couldn't sleep on her stomach. She couldn't turn her head and had very limited neck motion. Had been to other chiropractors with little help. A lot of people who were pleased with their care here, referred her to our office. Her pain was a 10 on a scale of 0 - 10 on a daily basis. Medication didn't help. She can turn her head now with no pain. Her neck is flexible now. She says to give Harcourt Chiropractic Office and Dr Gary Harcourt a try.


Danielle Aikins

Danielle was having neck and shoulder pain causing headaches as well as foot pain. It was difficult to work out, just to get around and difficult to drive. Simple things were difficult. She had seen several different doctors, had MRI's blood work none of which was resolving her issues. Now she can work out, can drive normally and can enjoy her life without the pain. She suggests giving chiropractic a chance.


Alice ann Strausbaugh

Alice Ann had aches and pains. Just not feeling that great. Not sleeping well, tired all the time. She had constant daily headaches which were very painful. Neck pain, shoulders tight, and feeling run down. She went to her family doctor and was put on medication, did a sleep test which was not helpful. She just wasn't feeling better and wanted to try something else. Started sleeping through the night soon after starting care. She comes in for adjustments and notices she just feels a lot better when getting periodic care. She appreciates the doctor and staff for their service.


Shelly Goodling

TMJ pain, headaches, neck and back pain. At 18 years old she was suffering with pain at a 9 on a scale of 0 - 10.Had previously seen her family doctor, dentist and another chiropractor trying to find a solution for her pain. She was at a point where she felt almost hopeless when she came in.She was soon feeling better and with in a few months was pain free.Was in auto accident a year later ended up with whiplash. Started treatment and all of her injuries resolved. Now she is feeling pain free. Maintenance visits help to keep her that way.She is very grateful to work at HCO and loves helping patients regain their health as she was helped.