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Myth... "Once I go to a chiropractor, I go for the rest of my life."

Is this myth what has prevented you from seeking chiropractic care?

At some point in your life, 80% of you will experience some kind of back pain of varying degrees.

I know for some of you, you might have heard that you have to keep going for the rest of your life or an extended period of time.

We differ from those particular chiropractors.

Dr. Harcourt will sit down with you and ask specific questions regarding your health issue or issues. He wants a thorough understanding of the history to develop a care plan. After that is completed to his satisfaction, then he performs a thorough examination utilizing functional assessment.

After this, he compiles the information and develops the care plan. On your next visit, he reviews the care plan in a written report of his findings. Once you have started active corrective care, he performs periodic re-examinations to determine the percent improvement to ensure you are progressing as expected. This is usually after the 12th adjustment.

This is based on research with Penn State and our office. The papers are published and in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. You can look this up on Pubmed if you so choose.

On every visit, Dr. Harcourt follows up with you to track your progress as well.

Once you are back to 100% or maximum improvement, you are discharged from active care.

Now, we have patients who have chronic issues or they prefer to keep their healthy spinal function and choose to come in monthly or as needed. Active people have a tendency to misalign themselves due to the stress they put on their spine.

Ride your bike, run a 5k, hike a mountain, etc....

If you have activities that you enjoy and cannot due because of back pain, what are you waiting for?

We are waiting for you!!!

See you soon!

Wendy Harcourt, Team Leader