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Meet Our Team Series

Meet Shelly......


Shelly joined the HCO Team in 2014. She has been such a blessing and we are honored to have her in our lives! She gave us several months notice that she was leaving us to pursue her career goals. I am happy to say that she is still coming in once a week to make sure everything is running smoothly in the accounts receivable and insurance arenas.

Meet her feline friends, Oscar & Peanut........


In Shelly's own words, her career goals are as follows:

"I'm in my senior year at York College of PA, graduating in December of this year with a bachelors of science in psychology. My next steps are to secure an internship and apply to graduate schools, where I eventually hope to obtain a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. My ultimate career goals are a combination of teaching, research, and science journalism. Science journalism is a perfect way to combine my love of psychology with my passion for writing. At school, I'm a tutor for cognitive and social psych and I currently am completing a research work study, assisting with a faculty research project. I'm also the teaching assistant for the cognitive psych course.

When I'm not too busy with school and work, I spend my time reading, writing, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. I love my cats and all of my wonderful friends and family who support me :)"

I must say, she is impressive!

By the way, we have adopted her into our family! Love you, Shell Bell!