Automobile Accidents


Automobile accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury claims. On average, 3 million people are injured each year in automobile accidents at a cost of over 230 billion dollars. Initially an auto accident may only seem to cause minor injuries. Some symptoms may not appear until weeks or months after the accident. Injuries that seemed minor can become progressively more serious over time causing lifelong pain and disability. We’ve had cases where patients have suffered for months or years before seeking care for their neck and back pain. It doesn’t have to be this way. Most of these patients recover fully with proper treatment. Some of the most common types of injuries related to a motor vehicle accident are:


    • Head Trauma

    • Whiplash

    • Ligament Damage

    • Back Pain

    • Emotional Trauma

    • Headaches

    • Broken Bones

    • Swelling and Inflammation


Chiropractic provides a variety of services with one goal in mind, to help you get the RECOVERY YOU DESERVE. We’re available 24 Hours a day/7 Days a week for emergency Same-Day-Appointments, including Saturdays and Sundays. We treat most Auto Accidents with NO-OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS!! Each and every member of our team wants your experience at Harcourt Chiropractic Office, LLC to be a positive one. Don’t wait to see if your automobile injury “will go away”, call today. Call 843-2542 during normal business hours or 717-817-1656 for emergency service.


Just for the record, the five most dangerous words when it comes to your health is “Maybe it will go away”.
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Patient Testimonials

Lamar Anderson

Lamar was in a car accident and suffered from limited mobility in his neck and back. He typically works out on a regular basis and was unable to do that due to pain. Now he is 100% out of pain and feeling good again. He recommends others try chiropractic.


Katie Coe

Katie was involved in a work related automobile accident. She had severe left elbow, hip, low back, and neck pain.Had been seeing other practitioners yet was still in severe pain. She had extreme difficulty sitting or standing. She was just not functioning well at all. She is feeling a lot better. Can do her activities of daily living with little difficulty now. She requires surgery on her elbow and was referred for that procedure to relieve the residual elbow pain. She is pleased with her care at Harcourt Chiropractic Office in York.


Donna Deardorff

Donna came to our office because of injuries from an automobile accident. She was skeptical but listened to her daughter who encouraged her to give it a try.She could barely get off the floor because she was in so much pain. She is very grateful she came in.She sustained a work injury next and hurt her low back. She later injured her knee while working at a day care and again came in for ultrasound treatment and pool therapy.She had a second automobile accident and this time sustained upper back and neck injuries. With treatment she recovered 100%.She suggests if you have any kind of pain, go to Harcourt Chiropractic Office and let Dr. Gary Harcourt evaluate your situation to see if chiropractic is a solution.


DJ Keiser

DJ was involved in an automobile accident and suffered from daily neck and shoulder pain which was intolerable. Was difficult to pick up his children or do house chores. Had limited mobility which made things challenging.Now he has no weight restrictions. He graduated from care at 99%improvement. Feeling great again!! He has seen other chiropractors over the past 20 years. Dr Gary does a lot of detailed testing to measure progress to achieve results in a shorter period of time.


Shelly Goodling

TMJ pain, headaches, neck and back pain. At 18 years old she was suffering with pain at a 9 on a scale of 0 - 10.Had previously seen her family doctor, dentist and another chiropractor trying to find a solution for her pain. She was at a point where she felt almost hopeless when she came in.She was soon feeling better and with in a few months was pain free.Was in auto accident a year later ended up with whiplash. Started treatment and all of her injuries resolved. Now she is feeling pain free. Maintenance visits help to keep her that way.She is very grateful to work at HCO and loves helping patients regain their health as she was helped.